About us

T’s Action Bar previously known as T’s Tavern opened in January 1998 and is known for its wonderful atmosphere, T’s Action Bar has become a well- known social spot in the heart of Phoenix, located centrally on Grove End Drive.

T’s Action Bar is frequented by hundreds of patrons on a daily basis, it has become a place that is synonymous with warm people and a great place to make new friends. The atmosphere is great with friendly staff and an even friendlier owner, Durban’s trendy Action Bar is anyone who wants to enjoy a night out with great drinks and great company.

T’s Action Bar on Grove End Drive can be seen as a bar for both males and females across all races. The staff are welcoming and bottle service is impeccable. It is one of Durban’s premier sports bars.


Founder of T’s Action Bar Mr Trevor Gopal aimed to create an offering whereby local Durbanite’s didn’t have to travel far away from their residence to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like watching the English Premier League and enjoying a drinking while doing so. He developed the business model whereby patrons could enjoy reasonably priced in an environment which is comfortable and safe. T’s Action Bar boosts live viewing of all major sporting matches as well a wide variety of drinks that can all the found under one roof.
You can also try your luck at betting with at T’s Action Bar with a choice of five slot machines available.

T’s Action Bar management works closely with its suppliers to bring the price of products down its for customers. It often hosts competitions and contests for its customers to create entertainment, value and excitement for its patrons.